Celebrating 15 years at Women's Society Boutique

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Celebrating 15 years

Lucy, Claudia (Stylist), Victoria (the Owner), Silvana (Assistant Manager and Stylist) and Ellie


We are over the moon that we are celebrating 15 years!


We’ve been through it all – all the ups and downs of running an independent business and the challenges of finding balance between work and time with our dear families. The belief that everyone deserves to express themselves through unique fashion inspires us and motivates us and we love sharing that with you! At our core is the passion for helping you finding the best pieces for your wardrobe and your own unique shape and size. We want to thank all of our dear loyal customers for shopping with us since day one, as well as welcome the new faces we get to meet every day!


We couldn’t do it without you.


Celebrating 15 years

We loved hosting a little event in store last month with family and friends! In addition, we also had a shopping weekend for customers with discounts, prizes and gifts.

It meant a lot to us to be able to connect with you again after the social distance restrictions were finally removed.



Day to day of running the boutique is very different from when we opened. Social media growth and online sales keeps us busy! Even though it is a 24 / 7 commitment, the essence of the boutique remains the same “though we no longer have the perfume counter- who remembers that!“ Our team and our customers are now like one big family!


After 15 years of business you would think that running a business gets easier. If anything it’s harder! With changes in the industry, consumer habits and technology I’m constantly learning. Throw in covid and the birth of my first child in our 13th year and it’s my biggest challenge to date!

There’s been times in the last year and a half that I thought we might not make it. But dedication, passion, an unstoppable team and fantastic customers have seen as reach our 15th anniversary. Something I’m so very proud of.

Victoria, the Owner


Some of our Stylists and team members have been with us for many years, living and breathing the boutique life.


Celebrating 15 years

Even Victoria’s daughter Jemima helps out in the boutique!


15th years of celebrating means… 15 years of helping you getting your hands on that special gem! Always with a chat, a laugh and sometimes with a little cry… The service we give is personal and individual and it goes way beyond fashion. We’ve been through a lot of people’s life events… weddings and funerals, joyful, as well as sad moments.

– Claudia


“Situated in the historic town of Hertford, this boutique is well worth a browse, whether you’re looking for re-emergence heels or a dress with big personality.” Grazia Daily


You never stop working when you run a business and it becomes even harder when you become a mum. Inevitably the buck always stops with you at both camps. It would be great to have a job I could just walk away from at the end of of the day, though that wouldn’t be me either!

To get a balance I’ve tried not to be too hard on myself and learnt that I can’t do everything. Deciding to close the boutique on Sundays has been one decision I’ve made to allow me to have one day with no distractions or pressures from work. It gives me that family day and also gives a break to the team too.

– Victoria, the Owner


How hard we all have worked – especially through lockdown!

We are so lucky to have support and national recognition and local awards from Hertford town and local community.


Victoria (the Owner) with our brilliant Stylists Claudia and Silvana (the Assistant Manager)


Our brands are carefully selected according to best quality, style, design and impact on environment. The fashion market is a dynamic and tricky one – many brands come and go.

But some brands have been with us through all these years – like True Grace, which we have stocked since day one!

TRUE GRACE Scented reeds SEASHORE   £36.00


Pyrus is also one of our longest selling brands – and also one of our favourites!

PYRUS Masha silk joggers NAVY   £155.00


We love modelling our favourite pieces for you!


Silvana wearing Essentiel Antwerp top and trousers, paired with Fabienne Chapot western boots.

ESSENTIEL ANTWERP Annie Cropped Kickflare CORAL    £190.00


To me, celebrating 15 years means celebrating friendly and professional ‘styling’ relationships with our locals and afar that we’ve built. It is the most rewarding experience to know you feel good and happy in your own skin… and the style that’s your own!

– Silvana


As a small independent business, we value your individual needs. The Women’s Society Boutique is always here for you if you need some extra inspiration or help finding that particular outfit! We are passionate about making you feel happy in your own skin – whether you are going through a lifestyle change or just need assistance with finding that perfect fit.

You can book your Personal Style appointment at 01992 500122 with one of our fabulous Stylists – Silvana or Claudia. Never miss any news and sign up to our newsletter at www.womens-society.co.uk for fresh stylist tips on our top brands – straight from our new Blog to your inbox!

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The Women’s Society Boutique Girls

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