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Society Detox Sports Day

Society Detox Sports Day

Society Detox Sports Day

The beginning of the year is always seen as a fresh new start. One of the main new years resolutions that everyone makes is to lead a healthier lifestyle, going to the gym (joining the gym), trying new workout classes and generally leading a healthier lifestyle.

Wednesday the 1st of February we celebrated and launched our Society Detox Sports Day in the Boutique. This included many activities and the launch of our Sportswear brand, ELLE Sport. We got to view the new spring ELLE Sport range and offered an exclusive discount off the brand. The brand gives you something different, it offers you colour, pattern and texture whilst maintaining high performance fabrics, reflective taping and concealed pockets to put your necessities in when your working out. We love Elle Sport, all of the pieces are so comfortable and wearable.

We had our resident stylist Claudia Marcellis popping in to help combine sportswear with your everyday wear. We all have those moments in the gym when we finish our workout and are rushing to get into the shower and then to get to our next destination. We forget something, a top or even a pair of shoes, the list goes on.

Claudia was there to help pick out pieces that you can combine your sportswear with, without feeling like you have to pack your whole wardrobe into your sports bag. Sports luxe is a huge trend that has been around for a while and we believe is here to stay. More and more in clothing you can see the sporting attributes that are being contributed into every daywear. YAYA is a great brand to combine your sportswear with, the casual simple silhouettes,  loose style, simple colours work well against Elle Sport. Below are some examples of how you can combine both brands, layer them under or over each other, they are all so comfortable and wearable for the day.Sport & casual wear

We welcomed BeActive Clinic into the Boutique that morning both Sue and Daisy had two large bags filled with Yoga mats and blocks for our Yoga class that was starting at 9.15am.




The WSGirls and some of our customers started the day off with a yoga class taken by Daisy. The class was all about getting your day off to the best start, relaxing but creating that positive energy to get you ready for the day. Stretching out all of their tight muscles, bringing them into complicated but useful positions to encourage their breathing and flow throughout the moves. All of the girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves and felt revitalised, relaxed and ready to start styling. Thank you to Daisy who was a fantastic instructor and we would highly recommend, especially if you are new to Yoga, she has a great eye and is ready to get stuck in and help you through the moves.



The lovely Jade from BeActive, was offering our customers a 20-minute massage session. Sports massage is a therapy that anyone can benefit from. We all suffer from those daily aches and pains and a simple sports massage from Jade can alleviate muscle tension, aid recovery from exercise and reduce any discomfort. Victoria enjoyed a leg massage from jade and thoroughly enjoyed herself, her muscle pain in her foot and leg seemed to soften and relax for her busy day ahead.

BeActive is new to Hertford and currently have a fantastic offer; you can receive 30% off when you book onto your first class. The clinic is open Monday-Saturday and they require that booking a class is essential. They offer a wide range of Yoga and Pilate classes that anyone can attend. Then afterwards why not treat yourself to an amazing massage from the lovely jade to relieve those aches and pains.

Jon Sheridan Personal trainer has been running a fitness camp in Hertford for 7 years. Helping busy women who are frustrated with dieting and the constant battle with the scales. Helping them to achieve, loosing weight, boost their energy and feel confident again in their favourite clothes, Jon has helped so many women over the years, so why not try something new, he can offer you a personalised program, a nutrition guide and one on one training. If anyone is getting married this year we would highly recommend Jon, we all want to look our best on our big day, whether you want to make a small change or a big change he is the man to go to.

Jon has recognised that women struggle with making time, trying to fit exercise into their daily lives. Juggling chores, being a mum, working and on top of all that following a strict diet. Jon has designed many programmes for women over the many years and believes that there is a new approach and Keto is what they have been waiting for. Follow the link below to watch the video on Keto and what this can do for you. More energy, fat loss and more focus on training. http://www.jonsheridan.experienceketo.com



jon 2



We had the lovely Nicky Chandler from Senova Cycles in Hertford come and join us for the day. This was very exciting as customers could try and see for themselves why riding a bike is a great form of exercise but also a good sport for socialising. Nikki is very passionate for bikes and for cycling and it is her desire to help and inspire ladies to get on a bike and be happy and comfortable whilst riding. Senova Cycles offers a professional service, very approachable where you can browse the shop, talk and get any advice on cycling or bikes in general.

Erol Salih has more than 20 years experience in the cycle industry, he holds the highest qualification given to bike technicians. They offer short workshops from a puncture repair to a full diagnostic, for anyone that wants to learn more about the maintenance of their bike. They also have a local cycle hub where they showcase their events, news and information on cycling. Fancy a cycle then go down to Senova Cycles they have a summer hub that is all about getting everyone to cycle, cycle different routes around our beautiful countryside and meet new people along the way. We can’t wait to get on our bikes and head out especially when the sun starts shining again.


senova cycles 3

senova cycles 2

nikki senova cycles

senova cycles 4

We also had the lovely ladies from Natural Health, which is just across the road from us. They brought over a selection of lovely goodies that everyone could try and enjoy. I often go over there in my lunch break for a sneaky treat, knowing that the treat is healthier than a chocolate bar is always a bonus. Julie and the other girls are extremely knowledgeable about their product they are always sharing their advice and what the latest ‘it’ healthy thing is. They offer a wide selection of healthy treats, vitamins and the latest must have ingredient. From Pulsin bars, Bounce balls to Maca powder and Coconut oil. They offer to their customers a wide selection of treatments and therapies, from nutrition therapy to acupuncture and many more. They introduced to us and our customers to Solgar Vitamin 7, which is a vitamin to help improve mobility and flexibility. From working-out perhaps you suffer with sore joints, if so this vitamin is the one for you. They currently have an exclusive promotion on in store was £26.75 NOW £19.75. Why not give it a go!

Natural health 1

natural health 2

natural health 3


We would like to say a big thank you to all of the independent sports retailers who participated in our event. It was such an enjoyable day and we learnt so much about all the different sports that they had to offer. We are already looking forward to another one in the sunnier months. Watch this space.




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