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Meet the Team

Meet The Team

Victoria Rex-Lees

Founder of The Women’s Society

Victoria has a Retail Management degree and previously worked at the BHS head office. Victoria has always had a passion for fashion and style and with her background in retail she started The Women’s Society. The collections are hand picked by Victoria for the boutique and the website, she’s always on the hunt for new and exciting designers.

Victoria’s style advice
“Assess your lifestyle when searching for key pieces for your wardrobe. Your look should not only reflect your style but also your lifestyle. Go for quality over quantity.”

Giulia Parolini

Stylist & Stock Coordinator

Giulia studied forgiegn languages in Italy then moved to England when she was 18 to become an au-pair. Giulia continues with her studies in Art and Design whilst working at The Women’s Society. She has been part of the team for a year now.

Giulia’s style advice
“Wear something that makes you feel happy and confident when you look in the mirror. Remember that a smile is the best accessory a woman has.”

Silvana Newton


Silvana joined our team back in February 2016 with previous work experience at Harvey Nichols, Versace and Harrods. Silvana’s educational background in Business & Fashion Design along with her high end retail history makes her styling knowledge second to none.

Silvana is always in Sunday, Monday & Tuesday if you would like to book a denim consultation with Silvana please give the Boutique a call.

Silvana’s style advice
“If it looks great and you feel great wear it! Age is no concern.”

Claudia Marcellis

Personal Stylist

Claudia moved to England from Holland over 15 years ago and has worked in various fashion retail positions. Including helping to establish the Laundry Industry brand when it came from the Netherlands to London.

She joined The Women’s Society Boutique in 2008 and has been a Sylist there for over 7 years meeting and dressing so many wonderful people. Claudia now offers one to one wardrobe detox and personal shopping sessions. If you would like to book a Personal styling session please contact the boutique at [email protected], for a wardrobe detox Claudia can be found at claudiamarcellis.co.uk

Claudia is always in the Boutique on Wednesday 9.30am-5pm pop in and detox your wardrobe!

Claudia’s style advice
“Smile! Of course, that is easier said than done. On a purely clothing level, my advice is to only wear what makes you feel good. If it doesn’t feel right, take it off. Also, don’t try too hard and remember that “Less is more”. Oh, and only wear shoes that you can actually walk in.”

Isobel Dick

Sales Assistant

Isobel studies History of Art and has experience working in art galleries and curating as well as working at The Women’s Society at weekends. She’s been part of our team for over two years and her artistic eye is an asset here at the boutique.

Isobel’s style advice
“I believe cool neutral colours, simple cuts and designs are best. Personally I like boyfriend cuts or boyish looks rather than anything too bold or too girly, understated style can be really flattering. YaYa is a perfect example of this.”