Essentiel Antwerp London Showroom

London Buying Trip

Come with me on a trip to see the Essentiel Antwerp collection in London.

The anticipation of visiting the Essentiel Antwerp showroom never fails to excite me. The delightful charm of Anaïs, the heart and soul of Essentiel in London, always leaves me with a sense of joy and the collection itself is so vibrant that it always makes me do a little jump! Meeting with Anaïs is a delightful occasion, and time seems to slip away effortlessly as we engage in conversations about the latest collections and what’s happening in our lives.

Buying at the Essentiel Antwerp showroom
Buying at the Essentiel Antwerp showroom
Essentiel Maxi Satin Dress in Green


As I browse through the impeccably displayed pieces on the rails, Anaïs thoughtfully showcases the diverse range, leading me to a carefully curated edit. Ensuring the perfect selection is no small task; therefore, I try on each piece myself or, occasionally, seek the assistance of her talented team.

Red Floral Dress Best Selling
Green and black Maxi dress for Autumn 2023 Fashion Trends
Faux Fur cropped Cardigan in Lilac


It is undoubtedly a fun experience, but the mental exertion of considering numerous factors, such as size, fit, target customers, quantities, and budget, adds a layer of complexity. Yet, it’s never hard to budget here..! I always buy with particular customers in mind and handpicking for certain people. I take pictures and capture all of the pieces so I can build a mood board when I get back that will guide and inspire my team.

Fashion Trends for Autumn 2023 High heels shiny boots
Cute Tote Bag in a Leopard Print
Croissants and fashion magazine


Sharing glimpses of my finds on Instagram brings me immense joy, as it allows for instantaneous feedback from our lovely Boutique audience.

Located in East London, it’s an effortless journey and a little escape from the bustle of daily life and my girls for that long awaited me-time. On my most recent visit, I was walking down the streets of London on a quiet Sunday morning and was treated to croissants and tea and healthy juice on my arrival. Anaïs and her team’s hospitality are simply unparalleled and they always offer me some delicious treats.

Essentiel Antwerp Belt
Essentiel Antwerp Jewellery Chunky Chain Golden
Essentiel Antwerp Jewellery Gemstone


Among the myriad of standout pieces this year, the Erg faux fur jacket stands out as a personal favourite, along with the Eblazero suiting paired with a gorgeous orange Escale cami.

Let’s not forget the neon pinks and the Essai cardigan – think playful Barbie vibes! And I must admit that the Elke piece, though somewhat like marmite, has caught my attention and I love it.

I have also expanded the selection of stunning jewellery to the collection this year, which has proven to be an instant hit, quickly flying off the shelves.

– Love, Victoria

ESSENTIEL ANTWERP Erg faux fur jacket SAND
ESSENTIEL ANTWERP Essai ribbed cardigan PINK
ESSENTIEL ANTWERP Eliseum earrings BLACK Assymetric Round Golden Sparkle

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