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J Brand & Meet The Team With Giulia

J Brand & Meet The Team With Giulia

J Brand & Meet The Team With Giulia

THIS week we’re mixing two of our regular features, Meet The Team and Brand Spot. Giulia and Silvana went to visit J Brand in London last week so we thought we’d talk about their day then ask Giulia to style some J Brand back at The Women’s Society and tell us a little bit about herself.

So let’s start with J Brand from Giulia…

“It was an amazing start to the day, the weather was nice and warm and J Brand was located in Notting Hill, a great part of London. When we arrived we were welcomed with a tasty buffet and a chat with the team, then around 11:00 it was time to learn about J Brand. Silvana and I were really excited, we love the products and had been looking forward to finding out more about the company. 

One of the managers talked us through the history of J Brand which was launched in 2004 in sunny California. They wanted to create classic jeans with fit and timeless design at the heart of the brand. J Brand was the first company to push the skinny jean trend with global distribution, making this trend accessible whilst retaining their signature quality. It’s really important to them to stay true to their origins, their core values and aesthetics haven’t changed – they move with the times but play a big part in dictating what those times look like! We also got to talk to Giuliano from LA, he spoke to us about the background, the history and the company motto: 

“It’s not the jeans, it’s you.”

We were also introduced to the pre-fall and main collections with a mini catwalk, it was so helpful to see the pieces on models and observe how they fit and contour. We also learned about the washes and how the ‘Seriously Black’ colour is tested – washed 10 times to make sure it won’t fade. The distressed fabrics they use are hand washed giving every single pair jeans a different look and the stone wash is achieved by using actual stones in the washing process! The team explained how fabric and texture are continuously improved, always striving for a better fit and look. 

We both had such an inspiring day and learned so much about this incredible brand and appreciate the products even more now. Understanding the importance of fit and fabric when investing in a great pair of jeans is essential, a pair of J Brand jeans is an investment, in fact it works out the same as a cut, colour and blow dry which most of us fork out for every few months! A pair of J Brands will last you a lot longer and you’ll be wearing them all the time. When you think about it like that, it all makes sense.”  

With this new found appreciation and knowledge Giulia has styled her own J Brand outfit from The Women’s Society and tells us a little bit about herself…. 

“I come from Milan and started working at The Women’s Society last August. I studied foreign languages back in Italy but plan to study Fashion Marketing here in the UK.” 

Giulia’s love of fashion and communication makes her an asset to our team, she loves to offer style advice and chat to customers about their outfits and accessories. 

“This is a great boutique with amazing collections, it’s wonderful to be able to help customers create outfits for all kinds of occasions. I love talking to people, and talking to people about fashion is even better! It’s great to see outfits come together, selecting looks to suit each individual.” 

“My training at J Brand inspired my outfit today, these utility pants at £225 by J Brand fit so well and the colour is perfect for Summer, I’ve teamed them with this blouse from Intropia at £155, a tassel bag by Blank, a necklace also by Blank at £22 (all available in store) and these suede heels at £130 by Bourne which elongate the leg. I’ve styled the blouse off the shoulder for a nod to the prairie trend and all in all I think I’ve created a good balance between comfort and style. I love this look.”

To try some J Brand jeans for yourselves pop in an see us, Giulia and the rest of the team will be happy to offer style and fit advice. 

Prices correct at time of publication.  

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