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Introducing Elliatt…

Introducing Elliatt…

Introducing Elliatt…

There’s an age old saying in fashion; ‘style over substance’, that’s mostly said by people wearing shoes too painful for walking, but too beautiful not to wear.

So, when I find a brand and outfits that have both style and substance, clothes that are both stunning and seriously comfortable, I know I’m onto a winner. And that’s exactly how I feel about Elliatt

This season, The Women’s Society has stocked an eclectic range of The Impressionist collection from Australian brand Elliatt which appeals to all tastes.

The curative element behind the brand was to find a balance between high end quality and affordability resulting in chic yet playful designer pieces that weren’t going to break the bank and that’s exactly what the brand achieved and what these pieces offer.

First of all with the high waisted sage Sway trousers and crop top combo, flattery is key. These leg lengthening trousers with slits reaching up the middle of your legs to just past your knees will have everyone commenting #legsfordays and I mean it.

They also nip you in at your waist and flare out by your feet, giving the illusion of an hourglass figure due to its fit.

Pair this with the Winslow crop top and it’s the perfect combo. This intricately designed top is one like no other. It’s got the classic Bardot cut, which is always flattering for collarbones, but what really sold me, is that as soon as I put it on, it didn’t ride up past my shoulders or fall down past my bust when I moved, which is difficult to find in a Bardot top (am I right ladies!?) It truly was the perfect fit. The other great thing about this crop top was that it had unique lace embroidery panels overlaying the top which added texture to the outfit, as well as negating the need for jewellery as it was an accessory all by itself. I paired these pieces with a classic white heeled sandal and burgundy bag to contrast with the sage colour of the trousers.

The dress below screams comfort is queen and made me hail back to my summer evenings in Australia as it’s relaxed and comfortable, while still showing its stylish and sassy side, and you can see how Elliatt heralds its heritage throughout the collection.

The flowy Impressionist maxi dress has a length which is perfect for a summers day and makes you feel as easy breezy as it’s made and that’s another reason why I love this brand – the clothes empower you and make your mood feel the style they’re designed. The halter-bardot design of the dress is a rare design and makes the dress all the more special.

I paired this dress with some nude sandals and burgundy bag for a daytime look, but you could also dress it up in the evening with some killer black heels and clutch such as this…

The craftsmanship of this Aura jumpsuit is unparalleled.

The luxe fabrications and unique, intricate detailing is nothing I’ve ever come across in such an affordable brand before. Mirroring its sister pieces, this jumpsuit also goes by the same slit design but this time on the sides of the legs and the arms. Again with the Bardot shoulder style, this jumpsuit stays on by itself and has a structured bustier to flatter your figure and hold you in place.

A sultry yet sophisticated touch to this evening piece is the sheer legs with horizontal panels and polkadots and the lazer cut patternwork of the waist, sinching you in and drawing attention to where you’re most slight.

Throw on some black studded heels for an edgier look, or give it a glam finishing touch with this beautiful sparkling necklace and hit the town!

Overall I can see that the inspiration for the collection is for the woman who wants to dress up and dress down. The eclectic, detailed and wearable pieces offer a style for everyone and most importantly, have enough substance to go with it.

What piece is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below! Better yet, come to the store and try them on!

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