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Interview With Richy Leeson From Ted Baker

Interview With Richy Leeson From Ted Baker

Interview With Richy Leeson From Ted Baker

THIS week we talk to Richy Leeson who works for one of our favourite brands – Ted Baker. If you’re a fan of Ted you will have seen Richy’s work, he is their Senior Photographer and looks after all the in-house imagery which is created by himself and his team. Richy also works alongside stylists and make-up artists to produce Ted Baker’s ecommerce imagery, social media photos and editorial content for their website. Drem job! Let’s find out more about Richy and his exciting role…

Richy (1)

What’s you’re background and how did you come to be at Ted Baker?

My background is a mix of fashion and commercial photography with a specialism in ecommerce content. I’ve worked with several high-end fashion companies such as Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Matches Fashion to name a few and couldn’t turn down the opportunity to work for Ted Baker. The chance to have creative input into such a great brand is fantastic. 

What is a typical day at work like for you?

A typical day consists of organising and scheduling the workflow within the studio team; I could be shooting an editorial for our site, some of our clothing for ecommerce, creating mood boards and planning for new shoots. I could be testing/researching for how to move on our ecommerce imagery, quality control on images… everyday is different!

Ted Baker has a distinctive visual style, what elements of the brand do you like the most?

We have such a strong personality that it makes life in the creative teams great, we have so many ideas and inspiration from all over the company and head office. In terms of the product it has to be the attention to detail, you’re always finding nice little details in every garment. 

How do you keep your ideas fresh and where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration from films, all forms of photography and new designers. I think in terms of ecommerce it’s important to find a way to bring the creative and editorial aspects of fashion photography into the imagery; we’ve recently undergone a huge change to the ecommerce visuals to make it much more creative and it seems everybody has responded well!



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