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FéRí – Brand Interview

‘Wear. Care. Mend. Lend’

FéRí is an Irish slow fashion brand born out of creativity and nostalgia, designed to bring joy to the wearer. Inspired by vintage clothing, the founder Faye hand-paints and draws all of the colourful prints and embroideries.

Find out what makes FéRí so special, and investment worthy, in our little interview with its founder Faye Anna Rochford.


FERI Rita dress TURQUOISE, £245.00


Women’s Society: What sparked your interest in fashion?
FéRí: FéRí was born out of a love of making things. I grew up on a working farm in Wexford, Ireland, surrounded by antiques, salvaged and re-made furniture and my parents instilled in me the importance of being creative and resourceful. My interest fashion grew from my love of our ‘dressing-up box’ as a child which was always a treasure trove of vintage dresses, silk scarves and nostalgic prints.

WS: What are your inspirations for creating your unique designs?
FéRí: FéRí combines the energy of old and new. More than a roll of new material, I get greater joy from pre-loved textiles and end-of-roll fabrics. These treasured finds evoke a sense of nostalgia and curiosity of their history – their story. Each piece is consciously created to bring joy to the wearer.


FERI Ellie dress RED
FERI Ellie dress RED, £299.00


WS: How does the re – use of materials impact the production process of your clothing?
FéRí: FéRí embodies the concept of slow fashion, which encourages the use of slower production, quality materials and ethical manufacturing to lengthen the
life cycle of every garment. FéRí’s pieces are designed and manufactured mindfully in very small batches. We design season-less collections that can be worn year-round and create vibrant and unique pieces designed to be loved and passed on.

WS: What’s been the most challenging for FéRí during the pandemic?
FéRí: Our biggest challenge was managing demand for orders and designing the new collection whilst working from home with two kids under the age of 3. This is the reality of being a small business owner! FéRí following grew over the pandemic as I believe our products offered people a sense of optimism, colour and escapism from the difficulties of the pandemic.

FERI Rita dress PASTEL
FERI Rita dress PASTEL, £245.00


WS: What is your favourite piece from this season?
FéRí: Our favourite piece this season is The Ellie dress in red with vibrant heart embroidery. Made from organic orange crepe (a fabric made from the waste of oranges) and lined with organic cotton voile, it is the perfect balance of free spirited optimism and elegance.

WS: Who would you like to see wearing your pieces?
FéRí: What excites me the most is to see my FéRí followers (#ferifolk) enjoying styling and making their FéRí pieces their own. I mean, if sisters Solange and Beyoncé decided to match in FéRí dresses it would make me very happy indeed!

FERI Ellie dress PURPLE
FERI Ellie dress PURPLE, £299.00



WS: What is it you like best about being a fashion designer?
FéRí: The freedom to express my creativity and be my own boss with the added advantage of having lots of beautiful dresses in my wardrobe.

FERI Jackie dress PINK
FERI Jackie dress PINK, £255.00




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