Discover Laidback London

Discover Laidback London: The Latest Brand Arrival at The Women’s Society Boutique

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Laidback London at Women’s Society Boutique! This incredible brand is renowned for its commitment to traditional craftsmanship, sustainable practices, and timeless style. Each piece from Laidback London is made by hand, embracing natural imperfections to create unique, individual products that only get better with age.

Why Laidback London?

Laidback London’s ethos revolves around creating products that stand the test of time. Using natural materials and traditional techniques, their sandals are not only stylish but also sustainable. Each pair is handcrafted in Kenya, providing sustainable incomes for local artisans and preserving their exceptional skills and craftsmanship.

The Latest Styles at Women’s Society Boutique

We are excited to showcase some of the latest styles from Laidback London that are now available at our boutique. Here are a few must-have pieces from the collection:

Heron Sandals in Black and White

Victoria’s favourite, the Heron Sandals in Black and White, are a standout piece from the collection. These low platform toe post sandals feature intricate black and white beading, making them both chic and versatile. The hand-embellished leather upper and lightweight EVA outsole ensure comfort and durability, while the natural imperfections in the leather add a unique charm to each pair.

Heron Sandals in Silver

For a touch of elegance, the Heron Sandals in Silver are a fantastic choice. These sandals combine the timeless style of Laidback London with a stunning silver finish. The intricate beading and hand-embellished details make them a perfect accessory for any outfit, adding a touch of sophistication and sparkle.

Remi Star Sandals in Silver

The Remi Star Sandals in Silver are perfect for those who love a bit of sparkle. These low platform slide sandals feature mismatched geometric beading on the upper, creating a show-stopping look. With a hand-embellished leather upper, leather lining, and a lightweight EVA outsole, these sandals are as comfortable as they are stylish. Made by hand using traditional techniques, each pair supports sustainable incomes for African artisans.


Victoria’s Top Pick: Heron Sandals

Victoria from Women’s Society Boutique absolutely adores the Heron Sandals in Black and White. She loves how versatile and stylish they are, making them perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re dressing up for a night out or keeping it casual, these sandals are a must-have. The intricate beading and hand-embellished details make them truly unique, while the comfortable fit ensures you can wear them all day long.


Shop Laidback London at Women’s Society Boutique

We invite you to explore the full range of Laidback London sandals at Women’s Society Boutique. From the elegant Heron Sandals to the dazzling Remi Star Sandals, there is something for everyone. Visit our website to shop the latest styles and discover the beauty of Laidback London for yourself.

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