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Destination Denim

Destination Denim

Destination Denim

If you want to see our full range of denim then pop into the boutique where one of our style advisors can help you find the perfect fit and shade that you are looking for. We offer a complimentary one to one styling session so you can really spend the time to find what jeans suit you the best.


Our Denim Brand Ambassador Silvana is an expert on our denim.

“I am in the Boutique Sundays, Mondays, Tuesday and Fridays so please pop in and i would be happy to chat all denim. Book an appointment to and I can definitely help you fall in love with your jeans and find that perfect fit. Call the Boutique to book an appointment on 01992 500122”.



Silvana’s Tips For Buying Jeans

1. Be open minded. Always visit a denim specialist and be open to the suggestions the assistant makes. Like any garment all jeans are essentially the same – two legs, five pockets, but the magic is in the individual fit.

2. If jeans go on easily, go down a size.

3. When buying jeans with super stretch, look for good quality denim that has great memory. The ‘memory’ is how quickly the denim springs back after wear.

4. Alterations can give you the perfect jeans. Think about adjusting the waistband or slimming the legs – small adjustments are not unusual.


5. The waistband should be snug, if you can fit two fingers down the back that’s good, a whole hand is not.

6. Don’t be afraid to hem cropped jeans. People often think that if cropped jeans aren’t the right length then they’re not the jeans for them, but cropped jeans should be hemmed to fit properly, just like a bootleg or straight leg.

7. A curved, or pieced waistband, is ideal. This will be slightly higher at the back than the front and will curve into your waist rather than sit straight up.

8. Long legs look best in a mid to low rise to keep the waist at the right height, whereas petite girls look great in a high rise that
accentuates the waist and elongates the legs.

9. Read the care instructions. Most premium jeans are best washed COLD, that’s cold and not 30 degrees. Any warmer and you are damaging the fabric.

10. Have fun with your denim… the traditional five pocket jeans now come in a myriad of colours, patterns and fabrics. Just wear them with a simple white tee.




J Brand & Sustainability

It is great to hear that J Brand has a quest to become a thoughtful and sustainable brand. They are continually evolving their design approach to prioritise their sustainability offer. However, they are aware this cannot happen over night. They are adding more thoughtful practices in production to reach their goal of being 100% SUSTAINABLE.