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In 2001, a fresh university graduate faced a choice between London’s bright lights and the blue skies of Mombasa, his Kenyan hometown. Opting for both, Mohamed began importing suitcases of Kenyan artisan-made handicrafts to sell in London’s markets.

In an era dominated by fast fashion, Mohamed valued traditional craftsmanship. He envisioned sandals that told a story and supported local communities. Over a year, he collaborated with Kenyan artisans to create handmade leather sandals, each pair brimming with authentic charm and character.

In 2014, Laidback London expanded with its first winter collection, maintaining its commitment to artisan craftsmanship and community support.

Today, Laidback London continues to offer stylish, ethically-made footwear for every occasion, from winter breaks in Vienna to escapes to Portofino, a favorite of the brand’s famous fan, Beyoncé. With Laidback London, your shoe game is always covered.

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